Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards

Angels of Abundance is a 44-card oracle deck from Doreen Virtue and her son, Grant Virtue. This deck is designed to help tap into a mindset of prosperity and potential, and away from lack and poverty, through guidance from the angels.

Created by Doreen Virtue, Grant Virtue
Oracle Deck - 44 Cards - Lifestyles 2017
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Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards review by medusawink

The Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards is a new deck from prolific publisher Doreen Virtue, and her son Grant Virtue. According to these authors heavenly largesse is available to all, but if you focus on your inability to access this spiritual cornucopia through a 'lack mentality’ you will remain trapped in a cycle of non-abundance. This deck aims to help the user address poverty-think with the aid of divine intervention – the Angels of Abundance who are the bounty branch of Team Heaven.

This is a Christian based deck with attractive art featuring religious iconography and clichés such as angels (duh), lambs, doves, lions, and cute children in beauteous surrounds where heavenly and blessed beings like to hang, such as gardens and starry skies. The foundation concepts behind this de... read more reviews.

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More About These Cards

Name: Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards
Creators: Doreen Virtue, Grant Virtue
Publisher: Lifestyles 2017
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 44

Card Size: 3.54 x 5.04 in. = 9.00cm x 12.80cm
Card Language: English

Companion Material: 138-page guidebook is written by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue is included with the deck.

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