Enchanted Oracle

The Enchanted Oracle is a deck of 36 borderless cards by artist Jessica Galbreth, illustrated with attractive, dark mystical imagery. The cards run the fantasy gamut, from Gothique, Shadow Weaver and Tattered Dreams to Renaissance Rose, Maiden Moon and Love Springs Eternal. The companion book is by Barbara Moore.

Created by Jessica Galbreth
Oracle Deck - 36 Cards - Llewellyn 2008
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Enchanted Oracle review by Terri Clement

“Here you will find knowledge, skills and tools that will help you craft the magical life of your dreams.” - Excerpt from Destiny’s Portal.

Opening the box of this set was a real treat. The images are gorgeous. Some are whimsical and innocent, while others are a bit dark and intense. These faeries definitely make you want to unfold your wings and fly with them.

The artwork for the Enchanted Oracle has been created, by the talented, Jessica Galbreth. This deck is the first by this artist, but you can find her work in numerous formats, from prints, greeting cards, calendars, books and collectible figurines.

Jessica lives in Ohio with her husband and their two children. She considers herself largely self-taught, even though she did study fine art for three years at t... read more reviews.

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Theme: Fantasy

More About These Cards

Name: Enchanted Oracle
Creators: Jessica Galbreth
Publisher: Llewellyn 2008
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 36
Card Language: English
Card Back: Reversible

Companion Material: 240-page companion book by Barbara Moore.

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