Magical Menagerie

The Magical Menagerie has 42 cards featuring real and mythical animals from Greek and Celtic legend. A deck for self-exploration, problem-solving, magic and divination.

Created by Mike Leslie, Eric Hotz
Tarot Deck - 42 Cards - Llewellyn
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Magical Menagerie review by Bonnie Cehovet

The Magical Menagerie is indeed a very magical book. Based on ancient Greek elemental classifications/correspondences and Celtic mythology, these cards present a gateway to a completely "other", and very magical, world. Leslie has done this by including animal imagery from this world (such as the bear), as well as the "otherworld" (such as the elemental Gnome) - imagery that has mythological magical connotations.

In his preface, Leslie states that each beast included in this book epitomizes a specific spiritual quality, a quality that may be operating in the Seekers life at the time of the reading. In many ways, this book is an extension of Leslie's previous book, The Magical Personality). In The Magical Personality, Leslie works with the description of magic as being largely a p... read more reviews.

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Theme: Animal, Fantasy
Creator: Bright Idea Deck by Eric Hotz

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Name: Magical Menagerie
Creators: Mike Leslie, Eric Hotz
Publisher: Llewellyn
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 42

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