Pagan Tarot

Also known as Tarot 2000

The Pagan Tarot (Tarot 2000) is a Pagan tarot deck for the new millennium, published in Cornwall, England in 2000. The card artwork is a hand painted and quite busy style with a border of Celtic knotwork.

Created by Robin Payne, Rosemary Lewsey
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Alexander Associates
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paglove pagstar pagsun pag4cups pagaces pagpcoi

Pagan Tarot review by Tara Hagan

I was looking for a new tarot deck that I could use for my readings. I wanted something that could transport the questioner to within his/her psyche as-well as myself. (I believe readings should involve the other persons intuition as much as mine in order to aid them as much as possible.) I was trawling through eBay amongst the hoardes of tarot decks for sale by various 'new artists' and even searching the earlier decks for imagery that would captivate. And then I found the picture of a lion's mouth wide open with a scene just beyond. A woman gesturing towards the gateway he was offering. This was the Fortitude (strength) card and instantly I found myself journeying into the picture and experiencing the 'daydream.'

I had no idea of the name of this deck as the lady selling them o... read more reviews.

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Theme: Pagan & Wiccan, Thoth-Inspired

More About These Cards

Name: Pagan Tarot
Alternate Names: Tarot 2000
Creators: Robin Payne, Rosemary Lewsey
Publisher: Alexander Associates
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78

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