Universal Fantasy Tarot

The Universal Fantasy Tarot is set in the fictional world of fantasy literature. A world of magic, inhabited by dragons, witches, winged horses, heros, gods and demons, it is here illustrated on 78 fantastical cards.

Created by Paolo Martinello
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Lo Scarabeo 2006
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Universal Fantasy Tarot review by Kate Hill

"Ancient symbols are reinterpreted, using the imaginary world of Fantasy literature. Every icon refers to a universe where elements of the medieval world merge with others that belong to myth and fantasy, taking on new meanings, but maintaining ancient content and symbolism." from the booklet

The Universal Fantasy Tarot is a deck based on the fantasy novel genre, the imagined literary world fathered by English author William Morris and later popularised by Tolkien, Moorcock and others. This fantasy world is a blend of magic and the Middle Ages, and is inhabited by dragons, witches, unicorns, demons, elves, and heroes.

The deck pictures these and even more mythical creatures: giant mice, centaurs, satyrs, giant lammergeiers, naiads and water sprites in the Six of Pentacles... read more reviews.

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More About These Cards

Name: Universal Fantasy Tarot
Creators: Paolo Martinello
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo 2006
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana: 56
Deck Tradition: Rider-Waite-Smith
Minor Arcana Style: Unique Scenes Without Suit Symbols
Suits: Chalices, Swords, Wands, Pentacles
Court Cards: Knave, Knight, Queen, King
The Fool is 0
Strength is 8
Justice is 11

Card Size: 2.60 x 4.72 in. = 6.60cm x 12.00cm
Card Language: Spanish, Italian, German, French, English, Dutch
Card Back: Reversible

Companion Material: 64-page companion booklet in six languages.

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