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Tarot Jewelry

Ka Gold Jewelry are creators of sacred and symbolic jewelry, including tarot jewelry and pendants. They have some rather beautiful tarot card necklaces in silver and in gold.

Empress Card in Silver

Lovers Card in Silver

Star Card in Silver

They also sell a range of other sacred and spiritual jewelry, including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants. They're designed to draw wealth and success, provide healing and protection, and connect to your higher self.

Flower of Life

Merkaba Pendant

Five Metal Ring has a small range of reasonably-priced tarot jewelry. There is Rembrandt's Tarot card charm of the Sun card made in sterling silver. For something a little more general, there is the Tarot Wheel Pendant in pewter from Raventree Pewter. NoMonet, who was involved in the Artist's Inner Vision Tarot, has created a unique High Priestess pendant from her own tarot, the Chain of Life Tarot.

Other artists have used tarot rather creatively to make pendants and necklaces of tarot cards out of glass, silver, or altered art, and have their work for sale on eBay.

Tarot Jewelry
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Gordian Knot

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