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Complete List of Oracle Decks & Cards

Oracle decks, divination decks, meditation cards, and cartomantic or non-Tarot decks of all kinds. Oracle decks are used for similar purposes to Tarot cards, but have varying numbers of cards - from as low as 20 to as many as 144 - and may be based on any structure or any topic.

2013 Oracle
72 Names Cards
A'HA Oracle
Aboriginal Goddess Chakra Cards
Aboriginal Spirit Oracle
Affirmations for Women
Ancient Animal Wisdom Oracle
Ancient Feminine Wisdom
Ancient Magick Divination Cards
Angel Insight Pack
Angel Inspiration Oracle
Angel Love Cards
Angel Oracle
Angel Prayers Oracle
Angel Therapy Oracle Cards
Angel Voices Oracle
Angels of Atlantis
Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Cards
AngeLynx Divination Deck
Animal Dreaming Oracle
Animal Messages
Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards
Animal Voices Oracle
Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards
Animistic Yoga Deck
Antiquarian Lenormand
Anubis Oracle
AORA Gemstone Oracle Cards
Archangel Oracle
Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards
Archeology of the Soul Cards
Archetype Cards
Art Nouveau Oracle
Art Through The Eyes of the Soul Oracle
Ascended Masters Oracle
Ask an Angel Oracle Cards
Astro Mythological
Astrological Oracle
Attuned: A Moon Cycle Deck
Audacious Action Angels Oracle
Australian Wildflower Oracle
Australian Wildflower Reading Cards
Awakening Far Memory Reincarnation Cards
Bach Flower Inspirational Cards
Belly Dancer's Oracle
Blue Angel Oracle
Book of Doors Divination Deck
Camelot Oracle
Cards of Alchemy
Cards of Wellbeing
Cartouche Cards
Cat Wisdom Cards
Cats Inspirational Oracle
Celebration of Love Oracle Cards
Celtic Oracle
Celtic Oracle
Celtic Shaman's Pack
Celtic Tree Oracle
Celtic Wisdom Oracle
Chakra Insight Oracle
Chakra Wisdom Oracle
Chelsea Lenormand
Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards
Clow Cards
Color Wisdom Cards
Compass of Fate
Conscious Spirit Oracle
Courage of the Soul
Creatrix Anything is Possible Activation Cards
Creature Teacher Oracle
Crystal Ally Cards
Crystal Grid Oracle
Crystal Oracle
Crystal Portraits
Daemon Tarot
Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards
Desert Fox Oracle
Devas of Creation
Dirty Tarot
Divine Wisdom: A Kaliedoscopic Oracle
Dog Pack Oracle Cards
Dog Wisdom Cards
Dragon Oracle
Dream Cards
Dreaming Girl Highway
Dreaming in Color: Luman Deck
Dreamtime Reading Cards
Druid Animal Oracle
Druid Plant Oracle
Earth Magic Oracle Cards
Earth Power Oracle
Egyptian Lenormand
Egyptian Pyramid Oracle
Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle
Elemental Hexagons
Enchanted Lenormand Oracle
Enchanted Map Oracle
Enchanted Oracle
Energetic Lenormand
Energy Oracle
Energy Oracle
Faeries Oracle
Fairy Ring Oracle
Fallen Angel Oracle Cards
Fantod Pack
Flonz Victorian Lenormand
Flower Speaks Deck
Flower Spirit Cards
Fortune Teller's Deck
Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg
French Cartomancy
Gaia Oracle
Get Some Therapy Cards
Gilded Reverie Lenormand
Goddess Guidance Oracle
Goddess Inspiration Oracle
Goddess Knowledge Cards
Goddess on the Go
Goddess Oracle
Goddesses and Sirens Oracle
GoddessGuides Intuition Cards
Gods and Titans Oracle
Golden Lenormand
Golden Moth Illumination Deck
Graven Images Oracle
Green World Oracle
Guardian Angel Cards
Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards
Haindl Rune Oracle
Halloween Lenormand
Halloween Oracle
Harrow Deck
Hawaiian Oracle
Healing Cards
Healing Light and Angel Cards
Healing with the Angels Oracle
Healing with the Faeries Oracle
Heart of Faerie Oracle
Higher Intuitions Oracle
I Ching Cards
I Ching Dead Moon
I Ching of the Goddess
I Ching Tarot
i Misteri della Sibilla
Illuminate! Life Journey Cards
Indigo Angel Oracle Cards
Infinite Tarot
Inspirations for Survivors
IOSHI Oracle
Isis Oracle
Jesus Cards
Journey Cards
Journey of Love
Journey Oracle
Journey to the Goddess Realm Oracle
Kabbalah Deck
Karma Cards
Karma Oracle
Kendra's Vintage Petit Lenormand
King Soloman Cards
King Solomon Oracle Cards
Kuan Yin Oracle
La Vera Sibilla
Labyrinth Wisdom Cards
Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards
Langustl Lenormand
Le Carte delgi Elfi
Lenormand Cartomancy
Lenormand Oracle
Lenormand Oracle Cards
Lenormand Reloaded
Lenormand Silhouettes
Les Vampires Oracle
Les Vieux Jours Lenormand
Life Purpose Oracle
Linda Goodman's Star Cards
Little Ted Psychic Fortune Telling Deck
Little Wings Guidance Oracle
Lord of the Rings Oracle
Lothrop Lenormand
Lovers Oracle
Lovers Oracle
Madame Endora's Fortune Cards
Magdalene Oracle
Magic of Nature Oracle
Magical Dimensions Oracle and Activator Cards
Magical Heart Healing Cards
Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards
Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle
Magical Times Empowerment Cards
Magus Deck
Malpertuis Lenormand
Mandala Meditations Guidance
Maori Oracle
Mary's Magical Message Cards
Maya Deck
Medicine Cards
Melissa Lenormand
Messages from the Wee Folk
Messages from Your Angels Oracle
Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides
Messenger Oracle
Midnight Madness Lenormand
Minoan Oracle
Mirrors of the Heart
Mlle Lenormand Blue Owl
Mlle. Lenormand Cartomancy
Mlle. Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards
Moon Oracle
Mother Mary Oracle
Mystic Pug Tarot
Mystic Rubaiyat
Mystical Lenormand
Mythic Oracle
Mythical Creatures Oracle
Myths and Mermaids
Nahualli Animal Oracle
Nature's Cycles
Nature's Healing Oracle
Nature's Wisdom Oracle
Nature-Speak Oracle
Nine Lives Illustrated Playing Cards
Nomadic Oracle
Ocean Oracle
Old Arabian Lenormand
Oracle of Illumination
Oracle of Initiation
Oracle of Proverbs
Oracle of Shadows and Light
Oracle of the Angels
Oracle of the Dragonfae
Oracle of the Dreamtime
Oracle of the Goddess
Oracle of the Grail Code
Oracle of the Mermaids
Oracle of the Radiant Sun
Oracle of the Shapeshifters
Oracle of Visions
Orchid Healing Cards
Original Dog Tarot
Osho Transformation Tarot
Pagan Lenormand Oracle
Path to Emotional Freedom Deck
Pathfinder's, the Animal Totem Deck
Pet Owners Tarot
Philosopher's Stone Self-Awareness Deck
Pixie's Hidden Lenormand
Playing Card Oracles Divination Deck
Poppy's Tarot for the Workplace
Power Animal Oracle
Power Deck
Power of the Runes
Psychic Tarot
Rainbow Bridge Oracle
Rainbow Lenormand
Rainbow Warrior Awaken!
Rainring Cards
Raven Cards Oracle
Resonance Oracle
Rock and Roll Oracle
Romance Angels Oracle
Rune Cards
Rune Cards
Sacred Awakening Card Deck
Sacred Geometry Cards
Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle
Sacred Path Cards
Sacred Rebels Oracle
Sacred World Oracle
Saint Deck
Saints & Angels Oracle Cards
Sea Symbols
Secret Dakini Oracle
Secret Language of Animals Oracle
Selves in a Box
Sense of Knowing
Shabby Chicness Lenormand
Shadow Animal Oracle Cards
Shaman Wisdom Cards
Shaman's Oracle
Silent Stones Colour Oracle
Simple Wisdom of the Household Dog
Soul Cards
Soul Coaching Oracle Cards
Soul Express
Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose Oracle
Southern Cross Oracle
Spectrahue Universal Tarot
Spiral Deck
Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck
Spirit Oracle
Stone Circle Oracle
Symbolon Deck
Syzygy Oracle
Tantric Dakini Oracle
TAO Oracle
Tea Leaf Fortune Cards
Teen Oracle
The 5 Keys to Happiness Oracle
The AlphaBet For Lovers
The Answer is Simple Oracle Cards
The Burning Serpent Oracle
The Circle: A Guide For The Inner Explorer
The Golden Rune
The Healing Drum Kit
The High Deck
The Inner Visions
The Lenormand Revolution
The Mastery of Love Cards
The NOW Lenormand
The Star Road Map
The Winged Enchantment Oracle
Threefold Oracle
Tibetan Gemstone Oracle
Titania's Fortune Cards
Transparent Oracle
Tree of Life Oracle
Triple Goddess Tarot
Trust Your Vibes Oracle
Ultimate Oracle
Under the Roses Lenormand
Universal Love Cards
Universal Love Healing Oracle
Universal Wisdom Oracle
Universe Cards
Universe Cards (2nd ed.)
Vertical Oracle
Vibrational Earth Children Oracle
Vibrational Energy Oracle
Vibrational Medicine Cards
Victorian Flower Oracle
Vintage Wisdom Oracle
Visual Zodiac
Voice of the Pythoness Oracle
Voice of the Trees
Vows of Love Oracle
Water Crystal Oracle
Way of Maitreya Oracle
Way of the Horse
Well Worn Path
Whispers of Love Oracle
White Eagle Medicine Wheel
White Rabbit Oracle
Wicca Pack
Wiccan Cards
Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle
Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle
Wisdom for Healing Cards
Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards
Wisdom of the Australian Animals Deck
Wisdom of the Four Winds
Wisdom of the Golden Path
Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards
Wisdom of the Maya Oracle
Wisdom Well
Wise Cards
Witches Runes
Witchlings Deck
Woodland Wisdom Oracle
Writings of Ki'usha Cards
Yantra Deck
Yuletide Lenormand
Zodiac Pack

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